* Naturalny porządek wechświata czyli historia Boga prawdziwego

       (The natural order of the universe - the history of True God).

         2014, Warszawska Firma Wydawnicza.

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Short stories

* In foreing skin

* Krocząca We Śnie

* Dziennik Athime

* Omen

* Walking In The Dream


* To small people with big Ego

*  Dailly

*  Don't talk to me today

*  Niedokończona gawęda (Unfinished story)

*  Jesień ( Autumn)

*   Czarci sąd w Piotrkowie ( na podstawie legendy piotrkowskiej)        (Devil court in Piotrkow- based on the Piotrków legend)

*  Poem about poem

*  Bo ja całować cię chcę ( Just I want to kiss you )

*  Współcześni rodzice ( Modern parents)

*  How much is still in front of us ?

*  Crime

*  List do św. Mikołaja ( a letter to Santa)

*  The sweetness of Montparnasse

*   Plato's cave

*   Fish world

*  Moments

*  Speak to me calmy

*  Once upon a time there was a ... Mother.

* Away from people whose world is going nowhere


* Poezja blisko nas ( Poetry is near us).2008, Piotrków Tryb.


* That's not her - gothic movie

*  To arms  - war drama

*  Amazons - adventure movie


*  About the need to create fairy tales, myths - this is human nature

*  Ecce homo! Seeking the relationship of man and God ...

*  Why is so much evil in the world? Are you asking yourself this question also?..

*  Why religion does not fit the modern times?

*  The image of God in belief

*  For a difficult questions we have really very simple answers

*  Praprzyczyna i jej uczestnictwo w tworzeniu prawa ludzkiego

*  Religious and secular understanding of morality 

*  Criteria for divinity

*  O tworzeniu nowej narracji historycznej czyli poprawianie historii

published by the Warsaw Publishing Company,

THE VOICE Of PIOTRKÓW SURVIVORS (November 2019, no. 168)